gary-moore-image.jpg "When a person passes, it is as if a library burns to the ground, full of wonderful information and numerous one of a kind editions. Kim Jackson has created the perfect method for preserving the thoughts and memories of your friends and loved ones and in the process, saving the libraries of the mind".
-Gary Moore, Author of “Playing with the Enemy”
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drzalarweb.jpg"Upon leafing through the book, “Journaling, the footprints of your life” by Kim Jackson, I certainly wished that her well-detailed guide book for the writers of life’s happenings would had been put together to use, while I wrote the book, “Day Is Ending.” My book  tells the love story of my wife, Trude and how Alzheimer’s disease caused a profound change in our lives. Her legacy lives on through this love story I wrote for her. Kim's book makes the writing journal simple. I'm starting my writing journey and using Kim's book in the process."
Richard Zalar, M.D., Author of "Day Is Ending"

"As a caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer's disease, for sixteen years, it has made me realize how important our memories are. If only I had asked more questions. That is why I found this book to be so important. I want to leave my children and grandchildren a look at the past. We all need to know about family history, hereditary diseases, and life stories. We must cherish every moment with our families and friends. They make us who we are today. Thank you Kim, for all your time helping us with this wonderful book. I know my family will cherish it forever".
- Linda Engle, 55

"When I heard there would be a local journaling class, I was eager to learn more. This book that Kim has written is a wonderful tool to help me write my life's journey. She has made it so easy to get started and continue, with her well thought out questions. It is so easy to do! The questions Kim has written in this book have been the best guide leading me through my past and enabling me to write my life story as a gift to my children". - Diane Stohlquist, 67

"The encouraging words by Kim throughout this manual, makes each of the chapters so easy to complete. This book will guide you as you look back down memory lane and will have you wondering as you look ahead into the future."
- Amy Barma, 39

"I have been so fortunate in life; I thought a biography would be interesting to write. Yet, until I enrolled in Kim Jackson's class, I had done absolutely nothing about putting it on paper. As a participant in her class, I have broken the ice and have begun to write my story. Her journaling manual and methods have made it easy to begin the project. I expect to be successful in this venture. It would not have been possible without Kim Jackson and her book, "Journaling, The Footprints of Your Life".
- Earl D'Amico, 78

"From start to finish, the questioning technique created by Kim is a wonderful way to get started with your journal writing, the story of your life. It is a unique tool to help you remember your past. This thought provoking method enables you to focus on important memories and helps you get them written on paper as a gift your family can treasure for years to come.
- Diane Aros, 55

"A written, detailed journal of one's life is a precious gift to be treasured by future generations. I wish this journaling manual had been around twenty years ago so that my mother could have use it to tell us about her life".
- Carla Wastalu, 72

"In my years working in the antique business, I learned it is important to document our history and bring the past alive. Writing my life story has always been a desire. The opportunity to attend Kim's journal writing class has been inspiring and a wonderful tool to assist in this journey. Her ideas and presentation were well organized. I am excited about presenting this special gift to my sons and grandchildren. God Bless you, Kim, for all your help and encouragement".
- Sue Delost, 52

"Once I got started writing my life story, I cold not stop. I just love it! The memories were so good and invigorating. I have been through so much in my life that was sad, but found happiness in writing with the help of Kim and her book".
- Angie Reed, 87

"Sharing your life story is a precious gift and lasting legacy we give our families, friends, and even historians. So many treasured memories are shared verbally, but forgotten over time. Kim Jackson's book, "Journaling, The Footprints of your Life", encourages and teaches aspiring writers of all levels and abilities to write their life story for future generations, and to keep those stories alive forever".
- Kathy Miller, 50