Book Features

With the 400 questions in this book

you will be guided as you write your life story. 

The inspirational statements in this book encourage you

to continue the journey from start to finish in easy chronological order 

  •    Over 400 Questions for you to answer  

     (Directing you through your Life’s Journey and putting it on paper)

  •    Inspirational statements   

    (To help you get started and continue your commitment to writing)



  •   3 Ring Binder (9”x 8”) sized for convenient handling
  •    An Insertable Hard Plastic Sheet to lay under your writing
    (This plastic sheet gives you a strong reinforcement to write on)
  •    100 Sheets of Lined Paper to write your story 

      (This plastic sheet gives you a strong reinforcement to write on)

  •   Coated Tab Dividers that organize the chapters of your life
    (Allowing you to write any story at any time in chronological order)
  •   Binder has Clear-View pockets allows you to customize your cover
    (Replacing it with a picture of your own )
  •   Binder contains 2 inside pockets to hold notes and special mementos
    (to store pictures etc. for your journal)

This book describes to you how to choose stories and add additional
experiences that you have encountered throughout your life.
It is so easy, you can stop and start again at you own convenience.

Write the story you were born to create…

“The Footprints of your life!”